Strategy & Consulting

What conversation do you want to own?
We put the customer at the heart of our marketing strategies. Leveraging video content strategy which creates interest, drives clicks and increases retention.

A team of market researchers, data analysts, strategists and design thinkers will help you succeed and develop creative solutions along your customer journey.
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Concept & Creation

Giving audiences a reason to follow you!
100 years of storytelling experience results in an unmatched expertise in creating quality content. We develop creative ideas and concepts that break through the noise. We believe in the power of serial storytelling designed for viewers on digital platforms and that can match the speed of the rapidly changing cultural environment.
Working with us means working with the industry's top talents of producers, concepters, authors, video artists and creators, who are ready to find that one story that gets your viewers hooked.
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Who else to trust?
We are a full-service production company. Our In -house production team delivers world-class services for premium content on any platform.

From location scouting to make-up artists, from animation effects to VR, from pre-production to the final touches, we know how to deliver at any scale, in any style, anywhere in the world.
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Distribution & Media

Reach reach reach
We make sure that your story reaches those who should see it. By understanding and prioritizing the full depth of media channels that drive business outcomes and by finding the most effective marketing solutions for your content.

As part of Bertelsmann’s strong global network, we can benefit from first-class service solutions that ensure traffic across all platforms and inspire customers around the world (eg. YouTube, BMG, Gruner & Jahr, RTL Group, etc.)
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Foster real engagement and conversation

We have deep and longstanding relationships with a new generation of talent and creators that can move crowds and speak directly to hundreds of million people. Leverage their voice to drive consideration for your brand.
Our talent base includes celebrities, creators, musicians, artists, athletes, visionaries, etc.


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